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Mr Ian Bosley – Migration Agent. He can help you get your visa.

He has University qualifications in immigration law and other important fields. He has valuable experience in many government and private enterprise organisations.

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Phone Australia 0409 059 084


GradCertAusMigrationLaw, BAppSc(NZ), DipBus(NZ), GradDipHealthInfoMngmnt, MMIA, MMA, Intnl TESOL English Teaching Licence, ProfCertTESOL.

Career Experience:

  • Principal – immigration law practice
  • Principal Board Support Manager -Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Director – Australian Taxation Office
  • Secretary – Tax Agents Board of Queensland
  • Regional Manager – Health Insurance Commission – Medicare Australia
  • Senior business roles in international pharmaceutical and scientific industries
  • Medical Scientist – New Zealand
  • TESOL English teaching internationally.

This strong background in government and private enterprise at senior levels means he has knows how to get through the maze of bureaucratic rules for immigration problems and manage Migration Review Tribunal appeals.

A sound immigration law background is essential but when added to a broad range of other experience, it is a powerful knowledge base.

Tricks and traps! A visa application may look easy but there are a lot of tricks and traps for the inexperienced.

Written skills: An application or appeal must be carefully planned and a written submission must always be included. He has very high level native English writing skills achieving First Place in Merits Review Submission Writing by the Griffith University. These are essential for a successful appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal.

Multicultural skills: He has a very good understanding of many cultures as he has worked in Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore and has travelled to many other countries on business trips.

Lawyer or a Migration Agent?

Most visa work and Migration Review Tribunal appeals are complicated administration and needs a good understanding of migration regulations but you do not need a lawyer – usually much more expensive and only very limited parts of immigration work needs this. A good migration agent will know when to refer a client for more complex legal advice, saving you a lot of money.

Must you use a Migration Agent – why not do it yourself?

Every day there are dozens of appeals by people trying to fix up a visa refusal or cancellation at the Migration Review Tribunal. When your visa is refused or cancelled you DO NOT get your government fee back and you pay even more for the appeal. Few visas are simple but for most you are taking a big risk. Look at the list of appeals published on just one day at the Migration Review Tribunal – up to 100 in one day. Do not join these – have it done properly at the start.

Look at how many visa refusals and cancellations are having an appeal hearing at the Migration Review Tribunal just today (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays will have none) Go to Today’s Appeals.


BE CAREFUL: Someone outside Australia may say they can get you a visa but many visa applications outside Australia fail because of poor advice from unregistered and unskilled businesses.

Registered migration agents in Australia are qualified people who must meet professional standards, follow the Code of Conduct and keep up-to-date knowledge of migration law. They must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) which ensures that only suitable persons are registered to provide immigration assistance. This includes recognized qualifications and a proven honest background.  These can make the difference between being granted a visa or not and can even make the difference between staying in Australia and deportation.

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